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Tips for a pet safe xmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but not always for your pets! Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger.

Food to avoid giving your pet at Christmas

  • Alcoholic beverages..
  • Chocolate (highly toxic to pets).
  • Grapes and raisins: a common ingredient in mince pies, Christmas puddings and fruit and nut mixes, they can be extremely toxic and cause acute kidney failure if eaten - even a small amount.  
  • Mouldy or spoiled foods.
  • Salt.
  • Avoid giving your pet any of your leftovers as this can cause diarrhoea.
  • Keep your pet away from cooked bones, including chicken and turkey bones: they can splinter or get lodged in your pet’s throat or can cause serious damage by puncturing the intestinal tract.

Pet hazards around the Christmas tree

  • Fallen Christmas tree needles are very sharp and can easily get stuck in your pet’s paws or throat. Sweep tree needles up regularly or fence off your Christmas tree to separate your pet and tree.
  • Do not hang your chocolates from your Christmas tree: they are highly toxic and your pet will be tempted if he can see and smell them.
  • Cover up electric cords and flashing tree lights so your pet can’t chew them and electrocute himself.
  • Try using fairy lights that don’t flash as some pets can get very scared by these when up close.
  • Christmas tree decorations can cause a nasty accident or be fatal to your pet. Cats, and young pets especially, will show a great interest in decorations hanging from your tree. Try to use unbreakable decorations and nothing too small. Avoid tinsel or ribbons as these are dangerous to the gastrointestinal tract if your pet swallows them.
  • Make sure your tree is well anchored so your pet can’t pull it over.

Other Christmas dangers to pets:

  • Holly, mistletoe, lilies and yew trees are poisonous to pets and must be kept well out of reach.  
  • Remember loud noises may panic your pet, such as Christmas crackers, poppers, balloons, and popping corks. Fireworks are about again at Christmas and New Year - see our tips for helping your pet with firework fears
  • Remove your Christmas wrapping paper (and toys) from the floor to avoid your pet chewing or swallowing it.
  • For your pet’s safety this Christmas always buy your pet’s presents from a reputable pet shop or veterinary clinic.

Ensure you have our opening hours and contact details to hand.

Most pet related Christmas dangers are easy to avoid so just have fun and remember to be pet safe!

More information about seasonal plants to avoid/take care with here

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