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Puppy scam warning

A sad scam that has been around for a while now seems to have come closer to home. We were contacted by a client who was asking for our advice about taking on a pedigree puppy she had been offered in response to an internet advert targeting Milton Keynes. The pedigree puppy was being offered for free.

We looked at the email our client had received in response to her enquiry and could see that the sob story about the current owner not having the time to give the puppy, coupled with the cutest pictures of the puppy, would melt any heart. But it was just too good to be true and some of the information just didn’t add up. We felt very uneasy so we investigated further and sadly discovered that this is a horrible scam to make money out of the unsuspecting pet loving public.

Having got your interest (oh and they “vet” you to make sure you are suitable owners!!!) they then announce that the pups are somewhere in Scotland. Rather than you drive all that way to collect, they will send you your puppy via a specialist pet courier - for a fee! You know how the story goes now... they take the money for the “courier” and the puppy never arrives.

Our advice is:

  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
  • Don’t contemplate having a pet, paid or otherwise, unless you see it first and have a chance to see how and where it starts its life (puppy farming still sadly goes on)
  • If you want a pedigree pet, use a reputable breeder.
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