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Kennel Cough warning

Does your dog play with everyone he meets in the park?

Summer days mean more daylight hours to enjoy longer walks with your dog. It’s great news for the exercise routine and meeting dog-walking friends but the last thing you want is your dog to play with his mates, and a few days later find he is suffering from a harsh, dry whooping type cough – a sure sign of Kennel Cough.

Unfortunately Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, commonly known as Kennel Cough, is highly contagious, can last for weeks and can possibly develop into more serious complications such as pneumonia, which can prove fatal in old, weak or very young dogs.

Kennel cough results from inflammation of the upper airways, and is easily passed from dog-to-dog by airborne droplets (coughing and sneezing) or direct nose-to-nose contact – a common occurrence on dog walks!

Dogs are at risk whenever they group together, whether in popular dog walking parks, at boarding kennels, shows or training classes. Prevention is better than cure; treatment of infectious tracheobronchitis can be a long and lengthy process, which involves isolation and antibiotic therapy. In fact, so serious is the condition that most boarding kennels will insist on dogs being vaccinated prior to admission.

Willow Veterinary Centres offer a vaccine that will immunise against the two most common causes of kennel cough for 12 months, providing protection within just 72 hours of administration. The vaccine is given in the form of drops up the nose and is safe to give to dogs of any shape, size and age – including puppies of just 3 weeks of age.

So if your dog regularly mixes with other dogs or attends places where there are other dogs such as training classes, boarding kennels, the local park or out on walks then ask us about additional cover against kennel cough.

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