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Dangers - highlighted at Easter time

Easter time and the advertisers would have us believe there is nothing else to life than chocolate eggs, floral bouquets and hot cross buns!

Sorry to burst the bubble but all of these are potential hazards to our pets.


Commonly recognised as poisonous to dogs, The Veterinary Poison Investigation Service (VPIS ) recommends to keep ALL pets away from chocolate. Indeed, they have been contacted about a variety of species that have presented with unwanted clinical signs following chocolate ingestion, Not least concerning a case of a rabbit presenting with 'profuse' diarrhea following ingestion of half a bag of milk chocolate buttons.

Our advice - Spare your pet a trip to the vet and keep chocolate out of their reach!


Although it is generally well known that the Lilium species are toxic to cats, it must be emphasised that all parts of the plant, including the flowers, leaves and pollen are implicated. The VPIS have had reports of  cases reported  where cats have developed renal failure after playing with boxes in which lilies were delivered despite the flowers no longer being present. In these cases, it appears that the cats were only exposed to remnants of the pollen, however this has been sufficient to cause fatalities.

Our advice . .  ditch the lilies and buy bouquets without them in.

Hot cross buns

These traditional spiced, sticky glazed fruit buns represent a danger to our pets due to the presence of raisins or currants. These cause kidney failure in dogs, and potentially other animals too. The toxic mechanism is not understood and the quantity that can cause problems seems to be very variable. Any quantity of these can be toxic. Cooking or baking doesn’t reduce the risk of poisoning.

Poisoning may initially result in vomiting and diarrhoea and subsequently in kidney failure (which may occur a few days after the initial effects).

Our advice - Its just not worth the risk. Don’t share your bun and keep them well out of reach.

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