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Check the chip campaign

Due to an increase in the number of lost and stolen pets we are running this campaign to invite anyone (clients and non clients) into the surgery to have their pet scanned to check that their microchips are still recording and that we have up to date information so that we can contact you quickly should you become separated from your pet.

Some chips had a batch failure last year & were not reading on scanners! – We have NEVER used these chips so none of the chips placed by us will be affected- but because people get dogs at all ages and from all over the country we want to check all presumed microchipped pets.

Clients can be assured that all “ Identichips” (the chips we use) placed are also traceable to us, so we can start a trail, especially if you were to  move out of the area (we would generally get a request for clinical  history from your new vet so we can notify them if we need to )

We will double check that the numbers we have on our records match the chip reading we hold on our records

We will double check we have up to date contact details so that we can contact you quickly if your pet is brought to us as a stray – the microchip system only works if the owner can be connected to it!

For non clients if its convenient for you to drop in to one of our two surgeries, please feel free. We will record your details on a specially set up record card  so that if your pet goes missing we can still do a computer check for the chip number and hopefully be able to help reunite. You do not have to register your pet with us! This is not what this campaign is about.

We will remind you about the importance of updating your details with the Anibase/ Petlog database.

Moving forward we will be scanning all new pets brought to us and ensuring that we have all details.

Our campaign ad will appear from time to time in the Citizen newspaper and will invite you to call in without appointment for a ”chip check”, or if you would like a free nail clip at the time, you can make a nurse appointment. Any pets  that are not yet microchipped can be done at the discount price of £15 . It is now compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped, all dogs not yet chipped should be done asap. (the fine is £500)  Read more here

We will be working alongside the “Bruce Forsythe get vets scanning appeal” – have a look.

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