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Caring for your cat in very warm weather

Three Important Things you can do -                                    

1 Leave plenty of fresh water around

2 Arrange a cool sleeping spot for them

3 Keep your kitty inside during the hottest part of the day.

A Cool Place Outside.

Cats like a cool, shady place, you can rig up an area with sheet or some similar covering.

If it's just too hot outside, keep them in. Better to be safe than sorry.

Some cats like ice cubes in their water bowl or even an ice cube to lick.

Some like a hot water bottle filled with cold water from the tap (and an ice cube or two added), they like to lie against it (not usually on it).

Cats sweat through their paws, If you see that they are leaving wet pawprints through the house then you can be pretty sure that they are HOT.

Some cats don't mind their paws being dipped in cool water, but If not some will really appreciate a little wipe with a cool, damp sponge.

Is your cat grooming itself more than usual?

On a very hot day you may think that your kitty is grooming itself excessively. This just means that Its hot.

It's a cooling mechanism similar to sweating and, as the saliva evaporates off its fur, It cools down a little.

 Should you shave your furry cat in Summer?   NO!    Cat fur provides insulation from both the heat and the cold.

Long haired cats will shed and groom themselves a lot more in the Summer months. The grooming cools them down since the saliva acts the same way that sweat works for humans. The shedding is just the cat continuously losing their undercoat to keep cool.

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